Salty Simulations Announces SaltyReplay for MSFS

Newly formed development studio Salty Simulations has recently announced their second project for Microsoft Flight Simulator; SaltyReplay, which is a plugin that allows you to replay flights, or specific moments in Microsoft Flight Simulator. The announcement was made on the Salty Simulations discord server.

SaltyReplay is still very much a work in progress but the core replay system has been partially implemented, as well as the UI of the plugin which is nearing completion.

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The plugin is open source and can be downloaded here but is in very early development and has many issues. Salty Simulations has also published a video showcasing SaltyReplay which can be found here.

Salty Simulations is also behind the 747 enhancement project for Microsoft Flight Simulator which aims to make the default 747 more true to life, but like the SaltyReplay system, the 747 enhancement project is still in early development.

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