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Self Loading Cargo v1.5 Released

Self Loading Cargo is an add-on that simulates real passengers and cargo in both Prepar3D, and X-Plane 11. Yesterday, on May 31st, the developer released a new major update for this add-on.

The developer says that this version of the application has been a massive undertaking, with a number of important new features. The changelog of this version is kind of extensive, so the developer posted a quick brief about it.

In the first section, the developer talks about the cabin simulation and visualization in the application. This is one of the major new features of this release. Self Loading Cargo now supports a simulated version of any aircraft cabin via configuration files. There are almost 50 out of the box. This allows you to see a realistic cabin occurring in real-time together with in-flight services, deboarding, etc. These things are working as realistic as possible.

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The developer also reworked an entire sound pack to support unlimited sound effects per event within the simulation. This allows you to have different versions of the welcome aboard sound from the captain. SLC will choose this sound pack randomly. There is also an artificial intelligence that chooses the sound pack by the departure ICAO and arrival ICAO codes.

Furthermore, the developer also rebuilt the flight report and logging system, which monitors your performance as a pilot and grades you based on the flight like real passengers would.

The last but not least, there is a new Simbrief integration, new flight planning module, more detailed user manual, and many more things, that can be found below, in the changelog.

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  • Better handling of accidental keypresses
  • Automated In-Flight Services will no longer start until the SID is complete
  • Powerful Soundpack Filtering
  • Default Sound Pack Update
  • Revamped Sound Engine
  • Improved Window Management
  • User-Manual Being Written
  • Option to “muffle” cabin crew to simulate the cockpit door being closed
  • Better multi-door support and passenger boarding logic
  • Aircraft Cabin Configuration Files Added
  • 19 Extra Context-Sensitive Arrival/Delay Sounds
  • Audible Passenger Reactions To Your Flying
  • X-Plane Zulu Time Bug Compatibility
  • Inflight Service Automation and Effects
  • Flight Report Revamped
  • Custom Cruise Altitude
  • SimBrief Integration
  • Manual Announcements
  • Voices can now be selected as a combination of either pre-recorded, or TTS for each “character”
  • Surface Detection and Penalties
  • Seatbelt Automation Option
  • Anxiety threshold added to passengers
  • Boarding Music can now be automated
  • Passenger Thoughts expanded
  • Simulator Zulu time now in use
  • Allow specifying departure/arrival times
  • Previous Flight Config Is Remembered
  • Passenger Boarding Interval now customisable
  • Toilet Usage Adjustments
  • In-Flight Service Adjustment
  • Cabin Simulation Updates
  • REAL TIME VISUALISATION of the cabin, crew and passengers
  • Less “jumping around” in the UI when things are happening
  • Flight Phase Amendments
  • JAR Design Compatibility Improved
  • Boarding music now fades in/out 
  • User Interface Updates
  • Better multiscreen support 
  • Taxi Phase Now Takes Into Account Groundspeed (FFA320 Amendment)
  • In-Flight Movie Shows Play Position
  • WIFI Positively Adjusted
  • Aborted Takeoff Trigger Adjusted
  • Landing Rate MUCH more accurate
  • GForce should no longer show eroneous values
  • Safety Announcement Will Use Default TTS If Not Supplied
  • UI Refresh will no longer change passenger count
  • Fixed crash when internet connection was unavailable and trying to view flight logs 

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