23.8.2022 – 16:24z

Sim-wings Releases Menorca Airport for MSFS

An Aerosoft development team Sim-wings has today released their rendition of Menorca Airport (LEMH) for Microsoft Flight Simulator. This release was announced through Aerosoft’s Facebook page and other social media.

Menorca Airport serves as the gateway to the Balearic island of Menorca, located south of inland Spain. Of the three Balearic Islands we know, Menorca is the one furthest to the east. The island is a very popular tourist destination among many European travellers. Tourists can fly to Menorca from big international hubs such as Gatwick, Brussels or Frankfurt. However, there are also smaller airports that offer flights to Menorca, such as Bratislava, Pamplona and Charleroi.

Sim-wings team created a detailed rendition of this airport. This Menorca Airport scenery has to offer the famous Aerosoft VDGS, known for its in-depth systems and realistic VDGS simulation. As with any other modern, up-to-date scenery, this one also offers 4K textures and PBR materials. There are detailed ground markings, a 3D interior and much more.

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The scenery is now available through Aerosoft’s website for €18.10, including our local tax of 20%. Thus, your price may vary a little bit. Other than that, you can also take a look at different works of Sim-wings, such as their Anchorage or Tenerife Sur.

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