SimHeaven has updated their European OSM data pack – X-Europe to version 4.5.1 which removes the Canary Islands from coverage, improves some regions and also adds some completely new vegetation, etc.

The information has been shared Vie the SimHeaven website and gives us information of deleting the Canary Islands from the coverage because of the future OSM Data pack for Africa, X-Africa. There have been added some new objects, Greece has been improved as well and new vegetation objects have been added. The update is available through their website.


  • 3,4,5,6,7  Canary Islands removed, in future in X-AFRICA
  • 1-vfr  some objects added
  • 2-regions  Greece improved
  • 3-extras  completely new (OSM data April 26th 2020) density of allotments increased changed tree.obj to random_tree.obj
  • 5-scenery  completely new (OSM data April 26th 2020) vegetation separated in extra folder simHeaven_Vegetation_Library changed tree.obj to random_tree.obj, osm_tree.obj, parking_tree.obj “chapel problem” fixed docks and shelter improved
  • 7-network  ATTR from objects removed

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