Skyline Simulations Releases Scandinavian Mountains Airport

Winter is slowly coming and with that comes a new scenery that will perfectly fit into this cold season. The team from Skyline Simulations recently released a new scenery for Microsoft Flight Simulator, the Scandinavian Mountains Airport (ESKS).

This pretty small airport is located approximately 5km from the Norwegian border and is primarily aimed at bringing tourists to the winter sports resorts of Salen and Idre in Sweden, and Trysil in Norway. Nonetheless, the airport can be proud of its remote controlled air traffic control tower, the first in the world.

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As always, developers made sure to keep the realism as high as possible. With that in mind, the scenery offers realistic custom textures and detailed 3D models, including animated people, who will breathe a little bit of life into the scenery.

On a similar note, the team has confirmed in the comment section below the Facebook post, that they intend to release the scenery for X-Plane 12 in the future as well. No further details were shared on that topic at the time.

To experience the cold and great atmosphere of this scenery in Microsoft Flight Simulator, you can buy it now at Skyline Simulations’ website for 21.80€.

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