The Workshop #11 – EFB Available, New Textures, A380X Documentation

Welcome to the eleventh installment of The Workshop – a series dedicated to the latest news and updates regarding FlyByWire’s work on the A32NX and the upcoming A380. Our previous episodes can be read here. The Workshop is written directly by the FlyByWire team within the FSNews and FlyByWire partnership.

EFB available

Our EFB (electronic flight bag) is now available in the development version of the aircraft! It only has a handful of features at the moment, but we are working to add full functionality over time.

Features of the week

Our team has been hard at work on the following features and fixes. They are now available in the development version of the aircraft:

  • EFB with basic functionality. This current version includes a live map with weather, METAR information based on SimBrief flight plan, ground services/pushback assistance, SimBrief loadsheet, and a settings menu.
  • Complete APU system overhaul, including accurate start-up, shutdown, and emergency shutdown behavior.
  • Separate RMP (radio management panel) controls for captain and first officer.
  • Reworked PERF take-off page on the MCDU.

Work in progress

These features are currently under work from our team:

  • Additional EFB functionality, including performance calculator
  • Cockpit texture overhaul
  • Complete electrical system overhaul
  • Complete hydraulic system overhaul
  • Custom autopilot and integration of Working Title flight plan manager

new textures

We have been working on brand new textures! Here’s a preview

flight model

Our developer Andreas added the rotation laws and the tailstrike protection in the experimental fly-by-wire branch of the aircraft! It can be downloaded through our official installer.

a380X documentation

Although our A380X is being worked on, our writers have completed work on its documentation and user manuals – take a read!

Hardware integration

We are beginning work on supporting hardware peripherals for the A32NX. We hope to eventually provide full support for Honeycomb and Thrustmaster products, among other common controllers. We are also working closely with Skalarki Electronics to ensure compatibility with their new desktop line of Airbus peripherals, including the FCU, MCDU, and autobrake/landing gear panel.

Our next episode of the Workshop is due to be published on February 12th, 2021

Author: FlyByWire

FlyByWire Simulations is a group of community developers currently upgrading the default A320neo to study-level with full system integration. They are also working on an A380 from scratch which aims to be a high-fidelity rendition of the aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

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