9.8.2020 – 12:30z

ToLiss announces update for A319, A321

ToLiss has today announced via their Facebook that they’re working on an update for their Airbus A319 and A321 products. The update will include several new features and many big fixes.

The aircraft will be using the FMOD sound engine. This sound engine is used by several AAA games and simulates many things like the Doppler effect and the transition between internal and external sounds. New sounds will be included too. The aircraft will support the new TCA Sidestick and Thrust levers. The TCAS will support more aircraft it won’t alert you of nearby traffic on a parallel approach. The full feature list can be found below.

The team said that the update will come first for the A319 and will follow for the A321 later. They also confirmed once again that the NEO is very high on their to-do list.

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ToLiss announces update for A319, A321 - X-Plane, ToLiss

Feature List

  • Sound system fully transitioned to FMOD sounds including new sounds, e.g. brake fan sounds. Also: With doors open, you will hear external sounds inside the cockpit also.
  • Joystick command support for TCA Sidestick and Thrust levers
  • Addition of the Bottom of Descent and Descent profile intercept indicators
  • Added Stay-out zone for IAE engine on ground.
  • In XP11.50 TCAS now supports up to 63 other aircraft.
  • Added parallel approach capability to TCAS: not issuing alerts when flying parallel approaches, e.g. in KSFO.
  • The usual reported bug fixes…

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