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TorqueSim SR20 Releasing this Friday For X-Plane 11

TorqueSim have announced that their Take Command! SR20, for X-Plane 11, is to be released on Friday the 13th of November. Not so unlucky for the legion of enthusiasts who have been waiting and watching earnestly for this release.

The Take Command! series from TorqueSim, which includes the SR22 as well as the SR20, features study level aircraft, produced with an eye for detail and modelled after their real world counterparts.

The SR20 is similar to the 22 but under the bonnet things are so much different. A fully custom model Continental IO-360-ES engine has been implemented, that behaves just like the real thing. 3D modelling is also improved in the SR20 with rich textures and a detailed cockpit.

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The SR20 has been designed to work with hardware such as Cirrus Perspective and the G1000 from RealSimGear. A fully detailed features list is recorded below.

Both the SR20 and the SR22 are used extensively for flight training due to their high manoeuvrability, comfort, and technological features.

This detailed addon will be available from X-Aviation priced at $49.99, but an undisclosed discount is available for those who have previously purchased the SR22 before the release date of the SR20.

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Main Features

  • Fully Custom Continental IO-360-ES Engine Simulation. Cylinder detonation, spark plug fouling, improper magneto grounding, and more.
  • Detailed electrical system. Simulation of all buses, circuit breakers, Master Control Unit, both Alternators, and both lead-acid batteries. Inter-system interaction is simulated so loads on the electrical system can affect engine performance.
  • High-Fidelity Flight Model designed for unparalleled accuracy. Custom airfoils, stall strips, cuffed wings, and accurate control surface deflections are all modeled.
  • Maintenance and Failure Model. Excessive wear will affect airframe performance and safety, addressed through a realistic concept of runtime-based and annual inspections. This also includes truly unique features like cylinder detonation driven by the physics engine. Tires flatten, brakes fade when hot, the propeller experiences FOD on unprepared surfaces and much more to discover. Probability distributions tuned with real-world data are used to reflect the increasing likelihood of failures with component runtime.
  • Custom Fuel System with Vapor Lock simulation. Main and Collector Tank are modeled, fuel sloshes depending on sideslip angle, affecting float-sensed quantity and strainer coverage. Every component in the fuel delivery path is simulated and contributes to the overall system behavior. Hot fuel can cause vapor formation and power fluctuations at high altitude in flight, suppressed by use of the boost pump
  • Persistent State – when you shut down the aircraft, you will return to it in the state in which it was left, the engine components will take their real time to cool. This encourages the proper care and handling of the aircraft, and shows the consequences of reckless flying.
  • X-Plane 11 G1000 avionics with additional customizations including engine pages, synthetic vision, lean-assist functionality, CAS simulation, and checklists. All these customizations are designed to also work perfectly with the RealSimGear G1000 and Perspective Package.
  • Integrated Synthetic Vision into the PFD with obstacle display, navigation pathways, and airport labels.
  • Meticulously detailed 3D model, with full 4K PBR textures and the wide variety of materials accurately replicated.
  • The FMOD sound pack has been the result of hundreds of hours of source audio, carefully recorded from the real aircraft. Recordings of the engine on the ground, and in-flight have provided for a highly-accurate and immersive sound pack replicating the real aircraft. Every switch, knob, lever, and button have been modeled.
  • The tail number can be dynamically changed on the aircraft! There are many configuration options to make the plane yours – from changing the tail number color, placement, outlines, drop shadows, including adding it to the wings as well!
  • Heavily multi-threaded systems architecture to leverage performance of modern CPUs with many cores.
  • Full aircraft state persistence. Every switch, flight control position, fuel state and on-airport position is restored upon reload. Even between reloads, system resources change in real time. The engine and oil cools down slowly between flights, the battery drains, tires slowly deflate, etc.

Source: TorqueSim blog

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