TorqueSim Updates BN-2B Islander for X-Plane 11

TorqueSim, a well-known aircraft developer in the X-Plane 11 community, has released a new version of their rendition of BN-2B Islander. The new update brings a plethora of improvements to the aircraft.

The aircraft received, with the new update, new exterior textures, better normal maps, updated interior panels and seats, adjusted fuel consumption logic, added support to Linux devices, updated flight model with better airfoils, and improved FMOD sounds.

Furthermore, the autopilot engagement logic was improved together with the night lighting technology that is now the same as is used in the BN-2T aircraft that was released just about a month ago, also by TorqueSim. The complete changelog of the new version can be found below.

The new version of the aircraft can be installed by using the latest version of the TorqueSim installer that can be downloaded through the X-Aviation store.

If you don’t have the aircraft and would like to purchase it, you can do so through the X-Aviation store for a price of approximately €30.

The Britten-Norman BN-2 Islander is a light utility twin-engine piston aircraft. It is well known for its island-hopping operations. Its first flight was June 13th of 1965 and is still in production. To date, it is in daily use in over 120 countries.

Changelog (v1.2)

  • New exterior textures. Improved rivets and joins and dirt. Better normal maps.
  • Updated default liveries to match new texture spec.
  • User made liveries will work with no changes required!
  • New liveries can make use of the improved blank textures and normal maps!
  • Updated interior with new panel, new seats, new fixtures, interior trim, and window frames.
  • Updated flight model with better airfoils, fuel consumption, and cruise speeds. Adjusted trim ranges and effectiveness.
  • Several FMOD improvements and bug fixes. New engines, new props, tuned flyby and so many other adjustments.
  • The same night lighting technology implemented in the 2T has been brought to the 2B which greatly improves the panel visibility in low light conditions.
  • Added Linux support
  • Improved autopilot engagement logic
  • Added multithreaded texture uploading to GPU
  • Improved Ammeter
  • Updated libacfutils version

Author: George

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