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WinWing Reveals Affordable A320 and B737 Cockpit Product Lines

Tony, the product manager at WinWing, used his time at FSExpo 2024’s Friday Announcement session to present WinWing’s upcoming products. Following their Airbus FCU release, WinWing is continuing the trend with the rest of the Airbus cockpit products, now also joined by Boeing cockpit products.

WinWing Airbus A320 Cockpit

The Airbus Cockpit product range will consist of the FCU (already released), the EFIS panels with left and right variants sold separately, the MCDU, the MIP panel, and the transponder panel. Joining the broad range of panels, WinWing has also introduced the Ursa Minor Airline Joystick. This joystick mimics the Airbus A320 sidestick and each of the variants (left and right) will be sold separately.

These products are planned for 2024, and according to Tony, we should get more A320 products in 2025.

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No details were shared on the specific features of the units, but Tony from WinWing mentioned that all units will be Plug&Play. In other words, no installation or settings will be necessary for the units to work properly.

However, the prices were mentioned, which were a very nice sight to the crowd, based on the reactions. The prices will be:

  • A320 EFIS: 84.95$
  • A320 MCDU: 129.95$
  • A320 ACP: TBD
  • A320 Transponder: TBD
  • A320 Joystick: 83.90$

These prices are really low on the chart compared to existing options, which can move around 1,000$ in terms of the MCDU.

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WinWing Boeing 737 Cockpit

Joining the Airbus product line by WinWing is the Boeing Cockpit product range. As the name might suggest, WinWing is also working on a Boeing 737 MCP panel, EFIS panels (left and right sold separately), and a CDU unit.

Whilst the range might seem limited compared to the Airbus Cockpit products announced earlier, Tony assured us that more products for the Boeing aircraft family will be coming in 2025.

The prices of the Boeing Cockpit range are very similar to the ones of products in the Airbus Cockpit range. They are:

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  • B737 MCP: from 129.95$ (two variants; the more advanced one does not have a price yet)
  • B737 EFIS: 79.95$
  • B737 CDU: 129.95$

WinWing Force Feedback Joystick

At the end of the presentation, Tony presented the Cyber Taurus, an FAA-certified force feedback joystick. WinWing promises that the user will be able to feel explosions, aerodynamic configuration changes, landings, and other events through the joystick’s haptic feedback.

The joystick’s force feedback system will likely not work properly on all addons. As Tony explained, aircraft developers will need to send WinWing data on their addons for WinWIng to calibrate the joystick’s mechanism properly.

No price or release date was given during the presentation.

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