World Update 13: Oceania for MSFS Now Available

Flight simmers can now enjoy the beauty of Microsoft Flight Simulator with fascinating new landscapes, featuring a new World Update 13: Oceania. The new Oceania-focused update enhanced the default scenery in 13 countries and 28 non-sovereign territories.

The update is based on the most recent aerial photographs and satellite imagery, and it includes Fiji, New Guinea, Easter Island, the Galapagos Islands, and Hawaii, for example. The developers also concentrated on key Antarctica regions for those of us who enjoy flying with ski-equipped aircraft.

Oceania is a fascinating region that has received little attention in our community in comparison to other parts of the world. Beautiful views of remote coral islands, long stretches of white sand beaches, towering volcanoes, vast interior sweeps of uninhabited rainforests, and populated cities boasting architectural wonders can be expected while flying around.

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Orbx, a well-known development studio in the flight simulator community, has created over 150 points of interest that span the entire update coverage. The list is lengthy, so we’ll leave it at that and let you explore the update without spoiling anything.

When it comes to airports, the new ATR-42/72-600 for MSFS, as well as other aircraft in the simulator, can take you to some very nice places. The update includes Bora Bora Airport (NTTB) and Moorea Airport (NTTM) in French Polynesia, Nusatupe Airport (AGGN) in the Solomon Islands, Kona International Airport (SCIP) in Hawaii, and Mataveri International Airport (SCIP) on Easter Island.

There is also a collection of highland dirt airstrips in Papua New Guinea for those between us who enjoy visiting the more tropical and rural parts of the country. The update also comes with three new bush trips, three new landing challenges, and a slew of new discovery flights.

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World Update 13: Oceania for MSFS includes three Antarctica bases that can be visited. Two of them are on Ross Island, and one is on Princess Elizabeth Land. Although the scenery of Antarctica is unique in and of itself, MSFS, in collaboration with Orbx, included two points of interest in the area to enhance your experience.

Previously, the MSFS team focus on New Zealand, and if you’d like to learn more about that in our article on World Update 12 release, you can do so by clicking here. And although you won’t likely fly your An-225 across the small tropical islands and reefs in Oceania, you might want to take a look at Asa’s reviews of the DHC-4 Caribou and An-2 aircraft for MSFS.

To download and install the World Update, you need to update your MSFS installation and it should be listed in the in-game Marketplace as a free product.

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