3.6.2020 – 08:16z

X-Crafts Releases ERJ Family v1.3.2 Open Beta (XP11)

X-Crafts developer has today announced via the X-Plane.org Forums an imminent release of a new open beta version of the ERJ Family. The new beta version features fixes to the aircraft and, most importantly, coversion from SASL2 to SASL3.

SASL3 makes possible to pop out the FMS and checklists, features new activation popup or enables you to resize windows in the simulator, for example.

Before installing the new version of the aircraft, it is recommended to backup the old files. In order to update the aircraft, you need to download the beta version from Google Drive.

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Installation is easier than ever…  rename your ERJ plugins folder to plugins_bak and install the new plugins folder from the download.  Rename or remove your skunkcrafts_updater.cfg file to prevent it from overwriting this test version.

If you want to buy the aircraft package, you can do so via the X-Plane.org store for $89.95.


Bug fixes

⦁    Correct corruption issues with re-load of STAR.
⦁    Revised code for maximum payload weight, depending on the amount of fuel loaded.Revised data entry of payload values on PERF1.  Payload is now all of the payload weight, including passengers.  
⦁    Passenger count on PERF 1 no longer affects payload weight, but may still be entered for reference purposes only.
⦁    Wind data entry on PERF2 was producing bizarre results.  Still partially in work, but normal functioning for typical flight plans should be okay.
⦁    Restored Cruise Altitude data entry on PERF2.
⦁    Loading a Simbrief sourced flight plan in the CO ROUTES window will strip airports at the beginning and end of the waypoint list.  This is only effective for X-Plane 11 based flight plans.  X-Plane 10 flight plans (not recommended) will still load all waypoints.  No SID/STAR data will be loaded — that’s still up to the user.
⦁    Tweaked the side tab popup.  We’ve returned to using the entire left side of the X-Plane window to trigger the tabs for FMS, FAQ, Checklist and Operations due to issues that arrose when resizing the X-Plane window.  However, if you move your mouse to the left of the X-Plane window, the tabs will now disappear.

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