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X-Crafts Updates ERJ Family for X-Plane 11 (1.4.0)

Aircraft developer X-Crafts has recently taken to the X-Plane.org forums to detail a fairly large update to their ERJ family for X-Plane 11. The update includes major new FMS features and fixes, as well as added avionics features, and several changes to the aircraft itself.

The update features various major FMS improvements, such as conversion of navigation data to XP11 native formats, eliminating the need for GNS430 data, the ability for the FMS to handle all waypoint types, new waypoint delete function, and various FMS data entry process improvements (full changelog at the end of the article) The update also includes some avionics corrections and custom commands. Lastly, the update also features various changes and additions to the aircraft model itself, including the addition of APU hot air effects, fixed metallic channels, added toe brake animations, and more.

The new update can be downloaded for existing owners of ANY of the ERJ aircraft by X-Crafts by either using the SkunkCrafts updater, or simply redownloading the aircraft from the store where you bought it from. The ERJ family can be purchased from the X-Plane.org store for approximately €75.07 here.

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  • Converted navigation data to use X-Plane 11 native formats.  GNS430 data is no longer needed, nor is a “Custom Data” folder required in the ERJ aircraft folder.  You also no longer need updated GNS430 data in the X-Plane/Custom Data folder unless you have other aircraft that require it.
  • The FMS now handles all waypoint types.
  • New waypoint delete function on SID / STAR / ROUTE / FLT PLAN pages. More info below the release notes.
  • FMS data entry process improvements:
    • The Departure page only has one hot key to begin SID selection.  Once you select your SID, you will automatically select your SID ENROUTE TRANSITION if any are available and you wish to select one.
    • The Arrival page now only has two selections for procedures.  STAR and APPROACH. 
    • Selecting the STAR will change the page automatically to the STAR TRANSITION selection page.
    • Selecting the APPROACH selection will automatically change to the APPROACH TRANSITION page.  Runway selection is optional, but will be made automatically if you select an approach.
    • Waypoint entry has been improved with data checking that prevents selecting the wrong waypoint type for a given identifier.
    • Navaid or FIX ID duplication detection has been added so that you can be sure that you’re selecting the correct fix or navaid when there exists more than one valid possibility.


  • Corrected the ALT “hundreds” knob change command.
  • Added custom commands for the FMS and NAV buttons. Switching between NAV and FMS will now go back to the correct NAV which was previously selected, not the opposite.
  • Added custom commands for the landing lights, the taxi and cockpit dome lights.


  • Added APU hot air effects
  • Fixed the Metallic channels on all objects (metallic objects will appear metallic again)
  • Added toe brake animations
  • Adjusted the Landing Lights direction and strength
  • Updated the DCU buttons manipulators

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