After two and a half months of beta testing, Laminar Research released X-Plane version 11.40.

Apart from some new airports and scenery fixes, a lot of work has been done on the experimental flight model. It brings a lot of changes, especially in prop aircrafts’ characteristics. Let’s have a look at them briefly:

  • stall improvements
  • wake turbulences
  • exhaust thrust
  • tail downwash is now delayed
  • improved propwash swirl
  • better supersonic flight dynamics and transition to supersonic speed
  • improved wave shape

You can read through all the changes and their explanation at X-Plane’s website or watch a video.

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To try the new flight model, you’ll first need to enable it in the General settings:

X-Plane 11.40 released - X-Plane

The update has already been pushed to the servers and you can download it through the installer or automatically (Steam users).

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