X-Plane.to Launched

A new website with community content and add-ons, similar to AVSIM, the X-Plane.org Forums, or the very popular Flightsim.to, has been launched recently. X-Plane.to is a website of Flightsim.to, offering content for X-Plane 12.

X-Plane.to runs on the same website engine as Flightsim.to, making it easy to navigate for any user who has already used Flightsim.to for their Microsoft Flight Simulator content. While this website is designed specifically for X-Plane 12, there is also X-Plane 11 content available to be downloaded.

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X-Plane.to currently offers only freeware add-ons. However, this might change, as Flightsim.to also offered only freeware content initially. For now, there are a lot of categories you can choose from: there are liveries, sceneries, and smaller plugins and utilities.

As this website was just launched, there is not that much content available as of the date of writing this article. However, this is subject to change very soon, especially with the fact that Flightsim.to is very popular and well-known to almost any given flight simulation enthusiast.

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If you’d like to visit this website yourself, you can get there easily through this hyperlink.

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