2.7.2020 – 07:54z

XPRealistic v2 Updated to v2.1.1

XPRealistic v2, a well-known utility for X-Plane 11, has been today updated to version 2.1.1 featuring Profile Cloud, new reverse thrust effects, or fixed typo in ground roll effect description, for example. As usual, the complete changelog can be found below.

Probably the biggest new feature in the update is the Profile Cloud. Profile Cloud enables you to share your profiles with others, or download profiles from the community. This feature was first teased back in June.

Based on the XPRealistic v2 website, the developers are currently working on new effects, bug fixes, and improved VR support.

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In order to update the plugin, download the new files via the XPRealisticic website.



  • Profile cloud – share or download others profiles
  • Control panel to retain last position
  • Stick shaker effect to actually shake the stick / yoke on stall
  • Reverse thrust sound files got amplified – you may need to readjust volume slider
  • Reverse thrust effect sound files extended to 1 min
  • UI tweaks to vertically align UI elements
  • Multi monitor window position improvement
  • Blade slapping effect improvement – you may need to readjust your volume / movement slider


  • Blade slapping to be heard while on ground with engine off
  • Typo in gorund roll effect description
  • Control panel stays open when switching between aircraft
  • 2D Panels are flickering / not visible
  • Font letters show as white blocks (read the manual for how to fix)
  • When X-Plane native TrackIR is on, camera shakings are going crazy
  • When X-Plane native TrackIR is on, arrows / quick views are not working
  • Engine stable RPM effect exaggerated vibrations with FF A350

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