Aerosoft About MSFS2020 Development

Mathijs Kok has today made a post via the Aerosoft Forums focusing on the Aerosofts plans regarding the upcoming Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. At first, it was mentioned, that Aerosoft has been working closely with Asobo Studios, and actually helped them shape the SDK. It was also mentioned again, that Aerosoft has been preparing for the new simulator for some time now and have hired new people and moved resources around.

Four screenshots directly from the new simulator have been included in the post showcasing the Aeorosoft CRJ Professional. Please, keep in mind, that the product is still a WIP, and the screenshots might not represent the final product.

As Aerosoft is not developing aircraft only, but also sceneries, a single preview showcasing Paderborn Airport (Aerosoft HQ) in the new simulator has been included and can be seen below. The scenery has been included in the simulator files as default.

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Speaking about release. No, we are not willing to give out dates for releases. Things are still very much in flux. Every single day changes in the SDK allow us to tweak things.

Regarding the pricing, there will be no free updates available due to the amount of work invested in the products. X-Plane 11 and P3D will continue to be supported and developed for.

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