ATSimulations Updates Cri-Cri for MSFS

ATSimulations have recently taken to their Facebook Page to announce the release of a major update for their rendition of the smallest jet aircraft in the world – Cri-Cri, for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The update consists of both new features and fixes. To point out some, the engine sounds have been completely reworked while other sounds were polished. In addition, freezing effects, fuel valve, and starter buttons, for the jet version of the aircraft, have been added. Furthermore, minor graphic issues were fixed as well as raindrop animation. The complete changelog can be found below.

The update can be updated by simply downloading the new installer again from the store of your purchase or by using the same link as previously. If you don’t have the aircraft yet, and want to purchase it, you can do so through the ATSimulations website for approximately €12,15.

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For those unfamiliar with it, the Colomban Cri-Cri is the smallest manned twin engine in the world. This French homebuilt aircraft was designed in the 1970s and was named after the designer’s daughter’s nickname. Despite its very small engines, the Cri-Cri manages the cruise at a respectable 100kt for 270NM.


  • Completely reworked engine sounds and polished other sound effects
  • Updated flight dynamics
  • Updated camera positions
  • Added freezing effect
  • Added fuel valve
  • Added starter buttons (for jet version)
  • Removed autopilot
  • Fixed contact points
  • Fixed raindrops animation
  • Fixed door frame animation delay
  • Fixed cold & dark manual start
  • Fixed minor graphics issues

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