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Golden Age Simulations Releases the Boeing Stearman for MSFS

Golden Age Simulations is allowing simmers to hop into the cockpit of one of the most iconic piston engine aircraft—the Boeing Stearman. The old bird made new has come to Microsoft Flight Simulator by means of a new addon package. Originally slated for a Fall 2023 release, now the Golden Age team has finally delivered.

Its rendition of the Boeing Stearman (also known as the Model 75), was built in the 1930s, with there being over 10,000 manufactured examples of the type. At the prime of its life, during World War II, the Boeing Stearman mainly served the needs of the US Air Force and Navy, along with the Canadian Air Force. Like many other warbirds of the time, the Stearman got a new lease on life as a civilian aircraft after the war had concluded. In the years that followed, it was adapted to serve a variety of non-combat roles, but it’s perhaps most iconic for its continued appearances in air shows throughout the years.

The Boeing Stearman is a blast from the past

The new package by Golden Age Simulations includes five variants of the Boeing Stearman: the N2S-3, N2S-5, PT-13, PT-17, and finally the A75L300. The latter is specifically the post-war modified rendition of the aircraft, sporting a Lycoming R-680-13 radial engine and a Hamilton Standard 2B20 constant-speed prop.

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Despite being well over 90 years old, GAS has opted to include an EFB for the Stearman meant for “controlling aircraft systems and security features.” Players can also decide if they’d like to fly in the front or rear cockpit positions, with each sporting virtual cockpits with “accurately modelled controls and detailed texturing using full PBR materials.”

The full scope of the Boeing Stearman’s operations is explained in a handy manual, and repainters can also dive into its included paint kit to craft new schemes. The Golden Age Simulations Boeing Stearman for Microsoft Flight Simulator is available now via SimMarket for 21.00€.

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