Boundless Shares 2023 Roadmap and Teases Entrance to the US Scenery Market

Boundless recently shared their plans for the upcoming 2023. In a post on their site, they announced that there are many intriguing things to come in the upcoming year.

The studio mentions that in 2023 they aim to release and upgrade several sceneries to X-Plane 12. Most of the updates will be free, aiming to roll out in Q1 2023. Here are some of them:

  • Dublin: New Runway + XP12 Upgrade
  • Stansted: XP12 Upgrade
  • Southend: General Update + XP12 Upgrade
  • Welshpool: XP12 Upgrade
  • Swansea: XP12 Upgrade
  • Shannon: General Update + XP12 Upgrade
  • Birmingham: General Update + XP12 Upgrade

Boundless is planning to expand its locations. They consider sceneries in countries like France, Spain, and Portugal and even to jump over to the USA. Assuring us that this will not affect their existing work in the UK and the surrounding area.

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Despite the upcoming holidays, they continue to work at full power. They have announced that Paris Beauvais Airport (IATA: BVA, ICAO: LFOB) will be released this week for X-Plane 11. As well as work on the UK Helipads series continuing, the next release is scheduled for next year.

Boundless confirmed that in spite of the increasing popularity of X-Plane 12, they would continue to support X-Plane 11. Burg Feuerstein Airport is also in the works and will be free for X-Plane 11 and X-Plane 12 when completed.

Boundless also mentions their big ups in 2022 and that their store will grow even more in 2023. For anyone interested, you can explore their store here or see the original post on their page.

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