11.12.2021 – 18:57z

Boundless Shares Previews of Dublin and Inverness

Boundless has recently shared some more previews of their two upcoming sceneries of Dublin and Inverness. These previews were shared via their website in their weekly report.


The first section of the weekly report is speaking about the Dublin scenery. The developer said that their main focus at this moment is Terminal 2 and Pier E. Both of these models are now implemented in the scenery. According to the developer, these two parts of the airport are essentially complete, they just have to fix some minor issues now.

The development team continues work on various hangars found at the airport. Animated vehicles are being implemented at this moment and the lighting is now at the developer’s focus as well.

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This week, Boundless started working on the ground of Inverness Airport. Several buildings were placed as well. The next week, the developer is going to focus on clutter objects at this airport. However, no further information has been shared on the topic of Inverness Airport as of now.

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