DC Designs Reveals Concorde Release Date and Further Previews

In their Friday News Update on Facebook, the team at DC Designs has announced the release date of their rendition of the Concorde for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The add-on will be released on March 30th, 2022. The price tag has already been defined. It will cost 39,99$ for new users and 35,99$ for those who already own the DC Concorde for Prepar3D.

The Concorde is progressing well. The developers have added the selector dials that control how much fuel is transferred into which tanks each time, allowing fine control of Concorde’s Centre of Gravity when in flight. It is important for balance reasons but also for when using the automatic fuel-transfer system.

In addition to that, the developers have finished multi-selectable set-ups for blue, yellow and green systems. They have specified that not all three systems will have any effect on the Concorde.

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The Concorde is now fully functional. The team will now start working on the manual and final testing. The Youtuber CorporatePilotDad will be the first to preview the add-on on his Youtube channel.

If you wish to learn more about the DC Designs’ Concorde development I suggest you have a look at my previous article.

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