3.9.2023 – 20:18z

DesignIndia Unveils Bagdogra International Airport For MSFS

DesignIndia, an Indian developer, has released their latest scenery for Microsoft Flight Simulator, Bagdogra International Airport. The scenery is their second release after Shirdi International Airport but also their first payware product. The Indian simulation community has been looking forward to this add-on for a long time.

Bagdogra – An Important Land Of Connections

Bagdogra, located in the state of West Bengal, is a part of the Greater Siliguri Metropolitan Area and is quite famous for its quality tea estates and the abundance of green scenic beauty. The city is a small hill station town resting at the foothills of the Himalayas, in the Darjeeling district.

Bagdogra International Airport (also known as Siliguri International Airport) is a customs airport primarily serving the city of Siliguri in West Bengal, India. The airport is essential for air travel in the eastern part of India and sees thousands of tourists annually. It serves as a major gateway and connection for the regional airports located in the eastern part of India, serving even the infamous Paro Airport, known for its challenging approach and short runway by allowing people to switch from medium-haul airliners to regional aircraft.

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Along with being an important addition to the civilian aviation network, the airport also functions as an important airbase for The Indian Air Force. The airbase is home to the IAF No. 20 Wing, as well as to the Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21 (Mig-21) FL fighter aircraft of the No. 8 Squadron and a Helicopter Unit. it is responsible for combat air operations over a large area, including Northern West Bengal, Sikkim, and if needed, Bhutan.

The Add-On

This add-on allows you to step into a world of unparalleled realism as you embark on an unforgettable journey to Bagdogra International Airport. A high level of attention has been given to everything, from the graceful curvature of the terminal roofs to the parking bays with accurate taxi lines. The airport is essentially divided into two sides: the civilian and the military side, neither of which have been neglected.

The add-on boasts impressive textures, and at the same time, promises optimal performance for your system. The airport also promises true-to-life terraforming around the whole airport, which makes for an even more immersive experience overall. It is always a delight to see the airport operation vehicles around the airport and the developer has made sure that we get a good set of static and realistic ground vehicles.

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Last but not least, the civilian part of this airport is only operational during daytime, but worry not, you can experience what it feels like to land at this airport in the dark due to the stunning night lighting included by the developers.


You can purchase this add-on from simMarket and use their simInstaller technology to install this add-on smoothly and seamlessly. The add-on is currently available for €10 (at the time of writing of this article, it is available on sale for €8).

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