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FlightFactor 777v2 Only Missing One Feature Before Release

FlightFactor has recently announced the release of livery packs for its 777v2 on its X page (formerly Twitter). Further, they said that the alpha is progressing well and only one feature has to be added before release. The FlightFactor 777v2 is expected to be released relatively soon.

FlightFactor 777v2 Livery Packs

The livery packs, available on the X-Plane.org Store, are named the Africa Pack, America Pack, Europe Pack, Asia Pack, Far East Pack, Middle East Pack, and Oceanica Pack. FlightFactor has stated that these liveries will also be compatible with future -300, -300ER, and -200LR variants of the 777, and updates will be provided if the 3D model changes. Each pack varies in size, with some containing eight liveries and others containing 13, but all are priced at $12 to account for the varying amount of work necessary to complete each livery.

FlightFactor 777v2 Progress

VNAV is the only feature missing before the plane can be released as a public alpha for a price of $99.99. The plane is currently available for $79.99 for individuals selected for private alpha testing, with new key batches being launched daily.

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Overall, the plane appears to be very detailed. In live streams by DrishalMac2s and Blackbox, detailed failure and maintenance options, interactive checklists, and a custom pushback simulation by FlightFactor were showcased. The custom pushback simulation allows users to push the plane back themselves without the need for external add-on software.

If you want to purchase the current private alpha version, check the X-Plane.Org Store regularly to see if you have been selected. For more information about the FlightFactor 777v2, take a look at this article. FSNews will keep you updated and notify you once the plane is publicly released.

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