FlightFactor Previews Accumulated Snow on the 777V2

In the past two months, FlightFactor took multiple times to their social network profiles to further preview their most-anticipated project to date, the 777V2 for X-Plane 11. The developers have previewed both the interior and exterior of the aircraft.

As the title may suggest, one of the preview sets even showcased accumulated snow on the 777V2 fuselage and wings. This is a yet undiscovered potential of the simulator no other company has yet explored or made use of in such margins.

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The developers have indicated that the snow may be removed by deicing the aircraft. Unfortunately, the team has not revealed any information on when and how will the effects appear. If it will be a subject of weather conditions in the simulator, or perhaps triggered through the EFB.

Earlier, FlightFactor also previewed some of the APU exhaust parts at the rear end of the aircraft. The developers are this way further proving their intentions to bring a high level of detail to the addon.

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Further, a single flight deck preview was shared. From earlier flight deck previews, the progress the developers have made is apparent. The visual elements of the flight deck seem to be completed.

The crew from FlightFactor has not detailed the state of the systems. Although they may seem completed from the latest flight deck preview, there’s way more to them than just what we can see.

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