FlightFactor Releases 767-400 for X-Plane

While the team has two other products still in development, FlightFactor has released a new variant of their 767 Family for X-Plane 11. The 767-400ER variant of the aircraft is sold as a separate addon, independent from the other base product.

The aircraft will be compatible with X-Plane 12 free of charge for owners of the addon for X-Plane 11. Further, if you’ve already purchased any other 767 packages from FlightFactor, you are eligible to upgrade to also have the 767-400ER available for only $30.

The 767-400 for X-Plane 11 offers an accurate flight model, custom systems, extensive failure model, fully functional GPWS, terrain radar, and ground clutter and windshear prediction. Additionally, flight simmers can enjoy smooth and accurate wingflex, a very detailed passenger cabin or a professional sound pack from the team at BSS Studio. FlightFactor also stated that all switches in the cockpit are functional.

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The 767-400 is equipped with EFIS panels and avionics from a much more modern Boeing 777 aircraft. It is very possible the developers made use of components that are being used in their upcoming 777v2 for X-Plane.

FlightFactor has had a Boeing 767 for X-Plane in their portfolio for a very long time, however, not the -400 variant. The -400 variant is very different from the others, especially when it comes to the flight deck.

You can purchase the 767-400ER variant from FlightFactor on the X-Plane.org Store for $69 if you’re a new customer, or purchase an upgrade for $30. If you’re upgrading from another package, the team has stressed to keep in mind that you will not receive a new license key and files, instead, you will have to use included X-Updater to download the addon.

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The price will increase from $69 to $79 once X-Plane 12 is released.

We are still awaiting more information on the much-anticipated 777v2 and 787 Professional announced prior to the 767-400ER, yet still unreleased.

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