25.10.2020 – 10:31z

FlightFactor Releases A320 Update 1.1.3

You may remember an article posted on October 9th where FlightFactor announced a new beta version. We are glad to report that this beta was ported to release on Friday.

The most notable improvement is the added full compatibility with the recently released Thrustmaster TCA Airbus throttle. Moreover, the update brings some fixes with compatibility on older processors, 1st gen Intel Core, Xeons and older AMDs. When it comes to the aircraft itself, APU Bleed altitude limitations, windshield reflections and spoiler lever datarefs have been fixed.

To update the aircraft, you have to run the X-Updater located in the addon folder. As a reminder, you have to own the aircraft for at least 12 hours in order to update it. You can purchase the aircraft on the X-Plane.org Store for $89.95.

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FlightFactor Releases A320 Update 1.1.3 - X-Plane, FlightFactor


  • TCA Airbus Quadrant support
  • crash on 1st gen Intel Core, Xeons and old AMD
  • APU bleed altitude limitations
  • windshield reflections
  • spoilers lever dataref

Version 1.1.2 RELEASE was replaced with 1.1.3 RELEASE with minor hot fix.

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