FlyByWire Previews Progress on the A380X for MSFS

Following an update from about a week ago, FlyByWire’s Valastiri has shared three new previews showcasing the team’s latest cockpit progress on the upcoming A380X in the Microsoft Flight Simulator. The previews were shared through the FlyByWire Simulation’s Discord server.

The A380X is a freeware rendition of the legendary Airbus A380 for Microsoft Flight Simulator developed by FlyByWire Simulation. The team has seen great success with their modification of the default Airbus A320 NEO, nowadays known as FlyByWire A320 NEO.

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The previews are showcasing again the great detail the team has put into the textures and modelling. Specifically, the wear and tear details that add up to the overall immersion. After all, no aircraft is perfectly clean unless flying out of the factory.

On two of the previews, you can see the central pedestal panel with all components accurate to the real aircraft.

On the third preview, you can see the area where First Officer’s window would be, however, is now in the open position. This suggests that simmers will be able to open and close the windows on the flight deck. It is very nice to see even areas usually hidden behind plastic coverings modelled and textured to high detail.

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The release timeframe of the A380X for MSFS is yet to be announced. The price is known to be 0€ as it will be freeware developed from the community for the community.

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