Freeware Kuro 787-8 Mod Updated to Version 2 Incorporating AAU 2 Improvements

User Kurorin released the latest version of the popular free Kuro 787-8 mod to on July 2, 2023. The new version makes the Kuro 787-8 compatible with all the improvements made to the MSFS Boeing 787-10 with Aircraft and Avionics Update #2 (AAU 2). In June, this update brought significant improvements to the Boeing 787-10, and now MSFS users on PC can enjoy a smaller version of the modern Dreamliner that incorporates the same new features.

Many flight simmers enjoy flying the Kuro 787-8 because it simulates a version of the 787 that is more popular with real-world carriers. Only 82 787-10s have been delivered to airlines, while Boeing has delivered 390 787-8s to operators spanning the globe. In particular, United Airlines is the only North American operator flying the 787-10, leaving many simmers wanting a more widely-used option. While the Boeing 787-9 has been vastly more popular than either variant, as of yet no one is working on a Boeing 787-9 for MSFS.

The Kuro 787-8 mod was initially released in November 2022 as a modification for the Heavy Division 787-10, but no longer requires that mod after the AAU 2 update. In fact, Kuro recommends that the Heavy Division mod be removed before installing the Kuro 787-8 Version 2. Since the Version 2 update, the mod has maintained the top spot in’s list of most-downloaded mods in a 48-hour period, signaling its continued popularity.

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The Kuro mod includes a new model of the Boeing 787-8 based largely on the Asobo Boeing 787-10 included with the Premium Deluxe versions of Microsoft Flight Simulator. It requires the Premium Deluxe version of the sim to run since it relies on the systems and model included in the 787-10. The 787-8 is available with both Rolls-Royce Trent 1000 and General Electric GEnx engines, depending on the livery used.

The updated Kuro 787-8 includes an installer that simplifies the process of setting up the mod. The installer will take care of the installation of the mod itself as well as easily update to new versions when released. It also simplifies the process of patching in new sound packs from FTSim+ if the user desires. Liveries created for the Version 1 mod must be converted to work in Version 2, but the installer includes a simple converter to streamline that process as well.

The Kuro 787-8 is now managed and distributed by Horizon Simulations, who also manage other improvement mods such as the FlyByWire compatibility mods for LVFR Airbus add-ons. You can download the Kuro mod from, and join the Horizon Simulations Discord server for updates on their progress.

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