HPG To Release Airbus H160 On October 27th

Calling all flight simulator enthusiasts with an appetite for hover practice – Hype Performance Group (HPG) is set to introduce the Airbus H160, a next-level medium utility helicopter that recently received FAA certification in July 2023.

The H160 is a meticulously engineered helicopter with an emphasis on pioneering avionics, state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, and advanced materials, elevating the helicopter to a sophistication level akin to that of today’s modern commercial airliners. The developers at Hype Performance Group are well renowned for their immersive, yet intricate helicopter add-ons. This upcoming addition to the HPG portfolio will feature many sophisticated key features that accompany the advanced technology that the H160 brings to the helicopter scene.

About The Airbus H160

The Airbus H160 is a cutting-edge helicopter with a top speed of approximately 175 knots (around 200 miles per hour) and a cruising altitude that can reach up to 20,000 feet. The H160 features a state-of-the-art avionics system to ensure precise navigation and enhanced safety, while its spacious cabin can accommodate up to 12 passengers in a comfortable environment. The H160 also boasts a sleek aerodynamic design, incorporating features like Blue Edge rotor blades for reduced noise and vibration. This helicopter sets a new standard for the industry, making it a standout choice for various missions, from corporate transport to emergency medical services and more.

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H160 Features

The developers at Hype Performance Group are well renowned for their immersive, yet intricate helicopter add-ons. This upcoming addition to the HPG portfolio will feature many key features that bring the H160 to life. The H160 will be available in two variants – Civilian and Luxury, and both variants will feature twelve quality liveries.

The HPG H160 will also feature a fully interactive cockpit that is VR-compatible. The cockpit includes advanced avionics, including synthetic vision systems on all four MFDs and an interactive tablet with a variety of aviation apps and realistic procedures and checklists.

Navigation will be provided by the powerful Garmin GTN750 and TDS GTNXi. These navigation systems feature comprehensive map display options and even a fully functional weather radar. Perhaps the most complex feature on the HPG H160 is the autopilot system that will provide automatic takeoff assistance, hover assistance and other features designed to alleviate pilot workload.

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The H160 has been modeled and augmented with proprietary AFCS and Vortex Ring State technology, which will provide for a remarkably detailed and immersive flight experience. You are even able to add key bindings for over 400 cockpit actions. The add-on also includes realistic rotor animations, animated windshield wipers and working doors.

Mark your calendar for October 27th and prepare to experience the remarkable Airbus H160 helicopter, which will be available on the HPG store for $49.99. If you’re a fan of Airbus helicopters, you can also explore the HPG H145. Additionally, if you miss flying hot air balloons in Flight Simulator X, don’t forget to check out the HPG Hot Air Balloon featured in our previous article.

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