Ubaid from iniBuilds has yesterday taken to their forums to announce some improvements that are currently in the works for the very well-received rendition of an Airbus A300 for X-Plane 11.

The post began with Ubaid mentioning that they’ve learned a lot at iniBuilds with the A300 release. Being their first aircraft for the platform, the team at iniBuilds is tremendously proud of what they’ve accomplished, though they still realize there are some areas that could be improved.

The post mentions six areas of the aircraft that are planned to be improved in future updates that the aircraft is expected to receive. These include 3D model refinements, flight model improvements, failure systems, CPDLC/ACARS integration, brand new sound sets, and overall system improvements.

All of the previously mentioned changes and improvements are being made with customer feedback taken in mind.

Ubaid has gone a little more in-depth with each improvement describing the situation around it a bit more. Based on that, iniBuilds invested in new resources and team members which made it possible to begin work on a new 3D cabin and exterior improvements.

With that being said, the developers have at the same time began improving the flight model to better represent the real counterpart. As with other changes mentioned before in the article, the developer has learned new tricks while working on the A310 and is now intending on bringing all features to the older A300. A failure system with over 70 failures is expected to come together with the update as well as a plethora of other small improvements, including an autosave feature.

It was made clear by Ubaid, that all previously mentioned changes will be coming for free in the A300 update.

In the end, the following was said:

While things wrap up swiftly on the A310, full attention will be turned to the A300, along with our brand new iniManager in the works… no more full installs or re-installs 

Ubaid – iniBuilds Forums

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