iniBuilds Previews Freeware A310 for MSFS, Teases LAPD Heliport Scenery

Through their forums, the CEO of iniBuilds, Ubaid, has shared a new development update regarding two of their projects; one being the upcoming freeware A310 for MSFS, and the other one being a major update for their Heathrow Airport (EGLL) scenery for the same simulator. In addition, Ubaid has teased two new sceneries, one focused on helicopter pilots in the community.

Freeware A310 for MSFS

The A310 for MSFS from iniBuilds was announced to be freeware only last month, you can read more about that in our previous article by clicking here.

In today’s post, Ubaid confirmed that good progress is being done. A lot of the cockpit elements are complete, with final refinements being conducted. Alongside those, the team is also making progress on the new EFB, which is clearly done from scratch and will not have the same interface as the aircraft has in X-Plane 11.

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The addon will come initially with one engine variant (General Electric CF6-80) and as a passenger variant only. Ubaid has last time explained that since the initial announcement, the team has re-modelled significant areas of the aircraft. The textures have also been completely reworked to make use of the potential of the new platform.

The freeware A310 for MSFS will release as part of the free 40th Anniversary Edition update of Microsoft Flight Simulator in November 2022.

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Helicopter Scenery & Helicopter Addon

At the end of the post, Ubaid from iniBuilds has shared two previews of an area they have three active projects in. One of those projects was said to be for helicopter pilots.

This will very likely come together with the 40th Anniversary update for the simulator which will be heavily focused on helicopters.

On both of the previews, we can see an Airbus H125 helicopter with LAPD livery under registration N668PD. The helicopter is landing on the LAPD Hooper Heliport in Los Angeles, United States.

London Heathrow V2 for MSFS

The team announced, back in June, that they are working on a comprehensive update for their London Heathrow (EGLL) scenery for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Ubaid has in today’s development update revealed the full changelog of the new free V2 update of the scenery.

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The V2 will come with a plethora of terminal improvements both in regards to modelling and night lighting. Further, various taxiways and vehicle path decals have been added alongside improved runway markings.

For those who had issues with airline gate allocations, the update comes with their rework, allowing for more realistic operations. The team’s focus was on night lighting, performance, interiors and more details on roads around terminals and the airport.

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