10.9.2020 – 13:48z

iniBuilds Updates A300 to v1.04 (XP11)

iniBuilds has recently released the first bigger update for their recently released Airbus A300 rendition for X-Plane 11. Although the update mainly consists of fixes, it also features some sound and FPS improvements.

Before we move to describing the changes, it is important o know, that this update requires a fresh install and so you will need to delete the current version from your X-Plane 11 installation’s aircraft folder before installing the new version.

From previous versions, exterior sounds were enhanced, SASL plugin was optimised better, issues with the FMS were fixed, lighting in the cargo area was adjusted, issues with the radio systems were fixed together with many minor bugs, for example. The complete changelog can be found below.

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If you want to purchase the aircraft, you can do so for approximately €76 via the iniBuilds website. The update can be downloaded through your iniBuilds Store account.


– Optimised SASL Plugin consumption that may lead to FPS increase for some users.
– Exterior sounds for both engine variants enhanced and improved
– Front landing gear doors timing  bug fixed
– GE Thrust Reverser cowl overlap fixed
– Various minor  model fixes
– Wing flex enhanced based on some users’ feedback
– Landing gear bogeys now tilt forward according to load on take-off and landing
– Lights in cargo area adjusted and cockpit spill fixed
– Fixed wrong switch assignment next to passenger door
– Forward cargo door lifts to a higher level
– Fixed during second flight, unable to edit cruise altitude in FMS 
– Fixed selecting transition, selects another SID 
– Fixed T/C and T/D arrows on FO display wrong placement compared to CPT 
– Fixed TCAS arrow indicator for descending/climbing pointing in wrong direction 
– Fixed incorrect transition being loaded when entering departure SID/transition 
– Fixed format error message showing when entering an altitude constraint 
– Fixed runways not showing up on arrival page after selecting initial runway 
– Fixed issue with fuel timing 
– Fixed FMS getting stuck in correct flight phases page (TO, APPR, DES pages)
– Fixed EFB TO calculator getting stuck on “Computing” 
– Fixed throttle stuck on full power/loss of control on go around 
– Fixed published restrictions missing on arrival STAR at KORD
– Fixed issue with C&D click spot in EFB 
– Fixed dome light works without battery power 
– Fixed pre-plan Better Pushback button
– Fixed VHF3 frequency range 
– Fixed issue with ND brightness on pop out
– Fixed IRS align mode blinking when set to off 
– Fixed braking control assignments not working 
– Fixed issue where ILS course knobs can be rotated to 360 and 000 
– Fixed issue where strobe lights stay on when switching form ON to AUTO/OFF 
– Fixed misplaced airspeed carrots on PW 
– Fixed various bugs with RTO mode 
– N1 now displayed when engine start switch goes to START A or START B 
– Fixed issue where hard altitude or speed limit could not be set in FMS 
– Fixed issues with TAT and SAT 
– Fixed issues with timing on fuel prediction page
– Fixed issue where all screens would go black after loading in departure and arrival airport and hitting RETURN on FMS.
– Fixed drawing problem on loading screen when X-Plane is in windowed mode
– Fixed TCAS BLV instead of BLW on TCAS VSI
– Fixed DSPY light turning on in FMS even when at top of F-PLN page
– Fixed fuel tank feed logic appearing incorrect with XFLOW valve open
– Fixed FMS bug with new DEST after a go around
– Fixed issue with incorrect altitude restrictions showing at KLAX
– Fixed issue when listening to ATIS using ASXP
– GPWS Callout timing bug fixed
– ADF/NDB knob bug fixed
– Fire Loop Test bug fixed
– Various SASL Crash bugs fixed
– Engines bug running after fuel negative bug fixed
– Negative fuel value bug fixed
– Landing light bug fixed 
– Hold after go around bug fixed
– Captain altimeter bug fixed
– VHF2 minor bug fixed
– Brake temperature along with manual braking fixed
– THR red and accel. altitude bug fixed
– ARC mode VOR bug fixed

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