Just Flight Announces EFB Update for 146 Professional

Although the team at Just Flight is busy working on their rendition of the Avro RJ for Microsoft Flight Simulator they haven’t given up their 146 Professional for the same platform. In a post on their website, the developers have announced a new update to the EFB of their BAe 146.

The update is based on all the feedback they have received since the release of the add-on a couple of months ago. The most notable new features include interactive checklists, a top of descent calculator, and an on-screen virtual keyboard. This is especially useful for VR users.

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The team will also improve the Navigraph charts page. The departure and arrival airports will be selected automatically based on the user’s SimBrief flight plan. The developers will also include a page with METARs for the user’s departure, arrival and alternate.

The update will also include numerous fixes such as better performance, higher resolution annunciators and some flight model adjustments. The developer said that this update is due for release in September. If you wish to learn more about JustFlight, I suggest you have a look at my other article here.

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