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Just Flight Releases San Luis Obispo for MSFS

A well-known developer Just Flight released their rendition of San Luis Obispo Regional Airport (KSBP). This release was announced through their social media and the scenery is now available through their website.

This airport is located in the middle of the California coast, between San Francisco and Los Angeles. It is namely used for general aviation traffic, but there are also scheduled flights operated to Dallas, Denver, Portland or Phoenix.

The developer made a superb job regarding the scenery features. It contains detailed modelling of all of the hangars, and high-resolution modelling of the terminal interior and animated jetways are also included. To enhance the surroundings of the airport, Just Flight included enhanced grass and lighting environment in the surrounding area.

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  • High-resolution modelling of the interior in the terminal and FBO
  • Detailed modelling of all hangars and buildings
  • Animated boarding gates
  • Meticulous focus on details, creating an immersive experience at the airport
  • Realistic markings and obstructions on and around the airport
  • Custom animated and weather-responsive elements such as windsocks and flags
  • Realistic AI behaviour
  • Complete night lighting environment for the entire airport area
  • Enhanced grass and vegetation on and around the airport
  • Tested and validated by actual residents and aviators from the SLO county airport community
  • Fully designed for Microsoft Flight Simulator with hand-crafted PBR textures for every object, creating realistic depth, roughness, shadows and highlights
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If you’d like to get this scenery, you can buy it through the Just Flight website for €14.49. Moreover, if you are interested in learning more about Just Flight, you can read our other article here.

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