Let L-410 Visual Update (XP11)

Developers behind the freeware rendition of Let L-410 aircraft for X-Plane 11 have recently taken to their official website to share the second visual update addressing the aircraft. To be more specific, the cockpit and cabin visuals.

A total of ten previews were shared in the post showcasing the new textures in the cockpit and cabin of the aircraft. These textures were done by Andrei who did the new exterior textures as well. They offer more detail and PBR implementation.

The last time these were mentioned was back in late November when close-up screenshots were shared through the project’s Facebook Page.

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It was said in the post, that the amount of cargo present in the aircraft will match the load setting the user will be using. A wall separating the cockpit from the cabin, in the cargo variant, will be featured in the update as well.

Work is currently being done on the animations and manipulators. Once that’s done, the flight model will be tuned to work with the experimental flight model feature in X-Plane 11. The developer further wrote about the flight model: “It’s so much better – you can feel the plane’s weight, you believe you actually sitting in a small turbo-prop plane (..)“.

Furthermore, it was said, that after this is finished, developer has a list with plenty of stuff to be featured in the addon such as FMOD sounds, VR compatibility, proper Librain integraion, or weather radar, for example.

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The Let L-410 for X-Plane 11 is a freeware aircraft that aims to realistically represent the Let L-410 with working electrical, hydraulic, de-icing, and other systems. The aircraft has so far been represented to a high standard considering it is a free aircraft.

It is unknown when the aircraft will receive the new textures. The aircraft can be downloaded on the Let-L410 project website here for free.

The Let L-410 is an aircraft manufactured by Czech aircraft manufacturer Let Kunovice, the aircraft was built to be a rugged tough aircraft capable of landing and taking off at short airstrips, similar to the DHC-6 Twin Otter. The aircraft is becoming quite old, production started in 1971 and the aircraft are still being made, but several airlines still find use in the aircraft.

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