15.2.2022 – 17:01z

Magknight Releases Update 1.7.21 for Boeing 787

The Magknight team has announced an update release for their Boeing 787 Dreamliner rendition for X-Plane 11. The announcement was made through their Discord server. The addon was originally released two years ago and is undergoing continuous improvements.

This update, which brings the addon to v1.7.21, includes multiple fixes and new features. One part of the update includes some new textures and graphics primarily in the CDU and Avitab sections of the aircraft. The navigation display also received some brand-new graphics with the update.

The update even includes new range rings added to the navigation display resulting in an increase in realism and general immersion. Further, the update conveys custom radio simulation which benefits people on networks such as VATSIM and IVAO as well as anyone using other air traffic control addons.

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To add to everything mentioned earlier, bugs such as automatic EFB QNH change and the colour of the overhead panel were fixed.

This update has fixed a lot with this aircraft and it is really interesting to see the future of it. There is much more to see within this update, hence if you would like to see the full changelog, you can on the Magknight Discord server here.

Pricing for the aircraft hasn’t changed staying at a price of $44.99 on the X-Plane.org Store. If you wish to know more about the aircraft, you can also get information about the team and more about them on the Magknight website. For more information on upcoming Magknight updates, view this article here.

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