24.9.2020 – 06:24z

Magknight Updates 787 to v1.6, New Cockpit

Magknight has today released a stable version of their Boeing 787 rendition featuring a completely overhauled cockpit and second-generation EFB with a landing calculator and new weight and balance page.

The aircraft is now also fully compatible with X-Plane 11.50 running Vulkan. It is recommended to download the package again from the X-Plane.org Store rather than using SkunkScrafts updater as the update has over 550MB of changed files.

Regarding the cockpit, panel dimensions should now be accurate to the real aircraft. Further, new animations were added across all buttons together with a reduced speckle effect in the cabin.

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The new EFB features a takeoff calculator, WTBAL calculator, landing calculator, and autobrake selection. Over 25 bug fixes are also included in the update. Liveries from v1.4.0 will work with v1.6.0, however, will not feature SATCOM dome and RR engines. The complete changelog can be found below.

The next major update for the aircraft should feature overhauled systems. It is unknown when should we expect this update to come.

If you want to purchase the aircraft, you can do so via the X-Plane.org Store for $44.95.

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“The New Cockpit”

  • ACP/Stationbox is now functional
  • High resolution textures with PBR throughout the cockpit and cabin
  • More comprehensive cockpit lighting options
  • Mousewheel Manipulators (#470)
  • New Manipulators and animations across all buttons
  • Optional tinted cockpit windows
  • Realistic Panel dimensions
  • Reduced speckle effect in cabin

Next-Generation EFB

  • New WTBAL calculator
    • Config file support for different cabin configs and galley loadouts
    • Weight configurations are validated to ensure safe flight
  • Takeoff calculator
    • Automatic derate calculation
    • Automatic trim calculation
    • INTX and runway slope support (using extremeData)
    • Max weight for runway
    • Substantially more cases supported than previous generation
  • Landing calculator
    • Enroute and dispatch versions
  • Autobrakes
    • Full selection of autobrakes RTO, 1-4 and MAX
  • EFB init

Extensive bugfixes and other small features

  • ACARS message formatting issue
  • ACARS spelling mistake (#393)
  • ACP/stationbox configured for use with VATSIM
  • Autobrakes being sad
  • Balance button is now momentary
  • Better keyboard entry for TCPs
  • Button default states
  • CDU button crash (#395)
  • COMM keyboard entry (#401)
  • Conversion altitude changes
  • Delayed air lights
  • EICAS Stab trim indicator is now fancy
  • EICAS too high (#406)
  • EICAS warning/caution reset (#472)
  • External datarefs for weight and balance
  • FCS lock
  • Flaps system modifications (787#191)
  • GPWS flaps/gear messages
  • Handler for malformed ACARS messages
  • Linked logo light to navlights for Honeycomb yoke
  • More advanced error checking for JSON stuff
  • ND range knob direction (#376)
  • PA volume made a bit louder, and persistent
  • Physical keyboard number entry for the CDU (#405)
  • Settings file soft crash (#456, #415)
  • Specifically define SASL modules
  • Speedbrakes manipulator at bottom of axis for ease of use
  • TCP keyboard entry scope issue
  • Updated SAM support to 1.0.7

Thanks Gold787FlightSim for reminding us at our Discord server.

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