Microsoft Releases World Update 10 for Their Flight Simulator

A few days ago, Microsoft released another World Update for their Flight Simulator. World Update 10 captures the whole United States of America, its landscapes, cityscapes, and more. The developer published the information through the Microsoft Flight Simulator website.

This update brings more in-depth aerial imagery to the area, using the latest high-resolution satellite data. World Update 10 also improves digital elevation modelling. In addition, Gaya Simulations, a developer well-known for their Vienna scenery for each current platform, handcrafted various airports for this world update. Those are Catalina Airport, Lake Tahoe Airport, or Block Island State Airport. In addition, there are 87 custom points of interest.

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This update is available for free for all owners of the simulator. Therefore, you can just go to the in-game marketplace, download it and enjoy it. Furthermore, Microsoft released a version of the simulator alongside.

The developer warns that this patch might’ve broken something in your community folder, which might result in problems. This update brings new localization for Latam Spanish and Simplified Chinese. There is also a new AIRAC cycle – 2206. Regarding the world changes, alongside the World Update 10, Microsoft also improved airports such as Denver, Dallas Fort Worth, and O’Hare.

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If you’d like to read more about Microsoft Flight Simulator, you can read about the upcoming Anniversary edition of the simulator here.

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