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MOZA Racing Gets Airborne With New Force-Feedback Flight Stick and More

MOZA Racing, a company known primarily for high-quality sim racing hardware, has taken to the virtual skies with a new line of flight simulation gear aimed at a diverse audience of flight simmers. This new product line is centered around the MOZA AB9 force-feedback (FFB) flight stick base. The FFB base and stick attachments were announced today at FSExpo 2024, alongside a new throttle and a set of rudder pedals.

MOZA Racing Takes Off

MOZA is a well-established name in the sim racing community, offering a wide range of wheels, shifters, pedals, and other accessories for racing sims. Founded in 2012, MOZA has built a reputation for high-quality hardware underpinned by force-feedback (FFB) technology that is much more common (and usually more affordable) than FFB-enabled flight simulation gear. MOZA stated in a press release that their flight simulation gear will be built on their proven success in the sim racing arena.

MOZA AB9 Active Force Feedback Base

MOZA debuted its new AB9 Active Force Feedback base at FSExpo 2024. This flight stick base includes dual 9Nm (newton-meter) high-torque servo motors to provide FFB on two axes. MOZA states that these servos are actuated based on a proprietary algorithm that ensures precise responses to provide an authentic feel of force on the aircraft’s controls.

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The AB9 advertises compatibility with leading flight simulation software at release and will be constructed from aluminum. It will be paired with MOZA’s Cockpit Control Software to allow for fine-tuning of settings and will include multiple mounting options for flexible integration into your home flight deck. The AB9 base will launch alongside the MOZA MH16 modular joystick, which uses a unique modular design to replicate F-16 and F-18 fighter jet grips in a single package that advertises universal compatibility.

MOZA MRP Rudder Pedals and More

MOZA Racing also announced the customizable MRP rudder pedals. Crafted from the same aluminum alloy as their other new products, the MOZA MRP pedals are promised to be just as customizable as the rest. MOZA states that they will be able to be adapted to a wide range of aircraft types, from fighters to helicopters and more in between.

MOZA also announced the MTP Throttle Panel, a dual-axis throttle quadrant, as well as the MTLP Takeoff and Landing Panel. These products will replicate fighter aircraft controls with dozens of physical switches and customizable throttle detents. The throttle also features FFB in the form of a vibration module that will respond to airspeed changes. The MTP Throttle and the MTLP Takeoff and Landing panel will be able to be used together or separately. MOZA also stated that the MTP Throttle Panel will feature an Electronic Flight Information System (EFIS), which will be integrated with their hardware to provide detailed and accurate flight data.

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MOZA Racing is targeting June 21st for the release of the AB9 base and MGH16 Joystick, and the throttle panel is expected to be available at the end of July. Pricing is yet to be announced. You can find out more about MOZA Racing’s existing lineup of sim racing gear on their website. FSNews staff will be visiting MOZA at FSExpo 2024 and will get hands-on experience with their new hardware to the best of their ability. Stay tuned to our FSExpo coverage for more!

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