Orbx Announces Catalina Airport for MSFS

Orbx has earlier today taken to their forums to officially announce the development of Catalina Airport (KAVX) scenery for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Covering the main airport of a beautiful island just a few miles west of Los Angeles, the scenery is being developed by “veteran developers“, Tim Harris and Ken Hall.

While there is a scenery of Catalina Airport from Orbx for older ESP platforms, the developers have, in this case, started afresh with almost all buldings redone with the new platform, and technologies, in mind.

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These changes include, for example, the usage of PBR materials throughout the scenery, increased texture resolution, or unique 3D people models to offer users a better experience and immersion while visiting the airport.

The airport originally opened as Buffalo Springs Airport in the spring of 1941. It was built by the Wrigley family of Chicago, who owned most of the island under the Santa Catalina Island Company, by leveling off the top of a hill.

Orbx Forums – Catalina Airport for MSFS Announcement Post

The release date of the scenery remains unknown. The same applies to the pricing details and whether there will be a discount for owners of the scenery for older platforms, or not.


  • Complete overhaul of the ESP classic
  • New building geometry and texturing to benefit from the modern MSFS game engine
  • 30cm ortho coverage of the airport and Avalon Harbour area
  • Numerous POIs including the Casino Ballroom,  Pebbly Beach, USC Wrigley Marine Science Center and Two Harbours
  • Unique 3D people models
  • New custom vegetation
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