Orbx & PilotPlus Bristol for Prepar3D Released

Orbx together with PilotPlus developers made another rendition of an airport in the UK. PilotPlus used to make sceneries for X-Plane 11 only. With this rendition of Bristol, they started their journey of making sceneries for Prepar3D as well.

We’ve got the information regarding the release through e-mail newsletter subscription. The airport itself is available via the Orbx store or Orbx Central for AUD$34.95 and the scenery has features like detailed texturing and PBR, detailed and accurat 3D models, authentic taxi signs and lighting, local POI and VFR landmark of Mendip Transmission Station, and it should perfectly blend with Orbx TrueEarth Great Britain South.


  • PilotPlus Definitive replication of Bristol International
  • Detailed texturing and PBR
  • High fidelity ground and crisp surrounding ortho-imagery at 12.5cm/pix
  • Atmoshperic and dynamic light environment
  • Detailed and accurate 3D models with raytraced occlusion and reflections
  • Authentic taxi signs and lighting
  • Perfectly blends with Orbx TrueEarth Great Britain South
  • LOcal POI and VFR landmark of Mendip Transmission Station

Author: Patrik

My aviation enthusiasm started back in March 2016 and since then I fly almost every day when I have time. I always like to discover new places or new things. The vehicles or any kind of technical things always fascinated me. As I was younger, I was also a journalist in a school magazine, so when I got an opportunity to write articles about my favorite hobby, I immediately jumped in.