Origami Studios Updates Gatwick Scenery to v1.3

Origami Studios have earlier this month taken to their Facebook page to officially announce the release of a new update for their rendition of London Gatwick Airport (EGKK) for X-Plane 11. Bringing the scenery to version 1.3, it is a rather extensive update featuring both improvements and fixes.

For example, the concrete textures were re-touched adding dirt and roughness to the edges making them look more realistic. Further, water bodies were added to the scenery together with new shadow maps for the north and south terminal.

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Additionally, new objects were added around the scenery, including the Brook House immigration detention centre, the original Beehive terminal building from 1936, or new vehicles as well as the entrance structure at the north terminal.

The complete changelog can of course be found below in the article.

In order to properly update the scenery, the new files need to be downloaded through the iniBuilds store and extracted to the Custom Scenery folder replacing the old files.

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If you want to purchase the scenery, you can do so through the iniBuilds store for about €23.30 with taxes excluded.

Changelog (v1.3)

  • New generated shadow maps for north and south terminal. So there is more “depth” particularly in areas under cover
  • Re-touched the concrete textures. Now have a edge dirt/roughness as well as an additional dirt layer on top to try and break up repetitive textures
  • Concrete normal’s adjusted to not look quite as thick
  • Runway textures reworked. Now has tar lines, resurfacing details, new asphalt.
  • Centre line markings draw order adjusted so they are more prominent
  • Edited ortho to remove brown soil running down Zulu
  • Added water bodies
  • Replaced pedestrian markings
  • New tar/dirt markings on aprons
  • Gatwick Hill along North Terminal modelled
  • Gatwick mound along 08R modelled
  • New vehicle assets
  • Added taxiway crossing lights for vehicles
  • Added entrance structure for North Terminal
  • 08L/26R touchdown zone now solid bars instead of piano bars
  • Added Beehive
  • Added Brookhouse
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