Parallel 42 Releases 777 Immersion v2 for P3D

Parallel 42, a well known Prepar3D developer responsible for many popular add-ons such as ChasePlane, PrecipitFX or Immersion series, has released their new rendition of 777 Immersion v2.

The release was announced through their website, and like their other v2 products, this one brings a lot of significant changes comparing to the older version.

As the developer noted in their article, the Parallel 42 team is focusing on bringing the best performance possible for such a product, and they put a lot of time and effort into this part of the product.

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Continuing with the features, there can be found engine condensation, which brings the immersion mainly during winter and in cold areas of the world.

As the two GE-90 engines spool up, planespotters get a magical sight. A sight that you too can enjoy with the magic of 777 Immersion v2, engine condensation!

As the developer stated in the quote mentioned above, they feel like having this kind of effect in their package is important. Among the features, we can further find improved contrails, wing condensation, volumetric lighting to enhance the realism during night flights and foggy arrivals, vortices, and much more.

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The immersion package can be bought through Orbx Central or the Orbx website for AUD26.00 or for €16.68.


  • Good performance
  • Jet wash effects
  • Wing condensation
  • Improved contrails
  • Fuel Jettison
  • Vortices
  • Volumetric lighting

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