4.3.2022 – 12:16z

PILOT’S Alicante Airport Back In Stores After Legal Disputes

Earlier this year, TDM Scenery Design took down their rendition of Santiago Airport (LEST) while PILOT’S took down their rendition of Alicante Airport (LEAL). Both parties have confirmed it was caused by legal disputes over their assets.

UPDATED 4.3. 1550z: PILOT’S have, through an email sent to us, additionally detailed, that they have originally reported TDM Scenery Design for using their assets. This resulted in the TDM Scenery Design’s scenery being taken down. As PILOT’S stated, “in revenge“, Trino Rojas from TDM Scenery Design then allegedly reported their scenery which also resulted in it being taken down.

In short, both sceneries were taken down from all stores.

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PILOT’S have quickly reacted by sending all stores transparent evidence that the assets are authentic to the company and that TDM Scenery Design used their assets without consent. Unfortunately, it took Microsoft longer to process the request, hence the scenery is back on the Marketplace from today.

This is in fact the second time TDM Scenery Design had to take down one of their sceneries. The last time it happened was in September 2020 with their Barinas Airport scenery, also for Microsoft Flight Simulator. You can read more about that in one of our previous articles here.

We are already working closely with PILOT’S on preparing a more in-depth article looking into this topic with all the evidence and history of the connections between both parties.

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