2.9.2020 – 15:34z

PKSIM Development Roadmap (MSFS2020 – P3D)

2020 has been a year full of emotions in the flight simulation community. Not only plenty of new addons were released across existing platforms but two brand new simulators hit the market. Hence, many developers were surprised and PKSIM is no exception. Due to their late access to the SDK, they decided to lay out a new roadmap for both simulators.


  • Lima, Peru: late September 2020
  • Cali, Colombia: October 2020
  • San Andrès, Colombia: November 2020

Microsoft Flight Simlator 2020

  • Cali, Colombia: November 2020
  • San Andrès, Colombia: late December 2020
  • Bogotà, Colombia: 2021
  • Lima, Peru: 2021

Source: PKSIM Facebook page

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