PMDG Gives New Information on 777 for MSFS and EFB for 737

In a post on their forums, Robert Randazzo of PMDG has further detailed what the team has been up to in the past few months. He touches on the topics of the upcoming and much-anticipated EFB for the 737 for MSFS, the also long-awaited Boeing 777 rendition for MSFS, and their other products.

EFB for PMDG 737 for MSFS

According to the forum post, the team has made significant progress over the past few months on the EFB (Electronic Flight Bag) meant for the PMDG’s 737 for MSFS. The team has proved that their connectivity model works are robust and ready for wide-scale testing.

Robert continued to explain the technical difficulties and challenges the team had to overcome with C++/WASM (Web Assembly) connectivity with the outside world. The good news is that the PMDG team has finally broken through the last series of blockers and is back working on the core functions.

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Whilst the release date is still unknown, Robert confirmed that the EFB will feature Navigraph and Simbrief integration to the extent that users will be pleased by the care that has gone into it.

Boeing 777 for MSFS

Whilst still far from the release, Robert has reassured the community that work is progressing on this project.

I do not anticipate showing you in-development shots until later.┬áThe reason for this is that we are leveraging much of what we learned during 737 development between 2020 and the present, and it is yielding some absolutely spectacular results and features that we know you will love.“, explained Robert regarding screenshots.

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There is no ETA for the 777 for MSFS. Back in March, however, the addon was said to be a few weeks from beta testing.

DC-6 for MSFS

At the end, Robert has also detailed the work the PMDG team has been doing on their first MSFS product, the DC-6. They have been focusing on making the aircraft more Xbox-user-friendly, details the post. The source also mentions that this has meant adapting the shape of certain clickable surfaces in order to facilitate their use on the Xbox platform.

These changes should arrive to our simulators late next week via an update cycle. For Xbox users, it might come a week later since the developers are still getting used to the new MSFS Marketplace testing cycle.

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