PMDG Shares 737 Previews from Microsoft Flight Simulator

PMDG’s Rober Randazzo has earlier today taken to the PMDG Forums to further address the development status of the perhaps most-anticipated addon in the Microsoft Flight Simulator community since the simulator’s launch – PMDG’s 737 NG3.

A plentiful of previews was also included in the forum post from which it’s clear that the developers made a lot of progress and are aiming for a high level of accuracy and detail throughout the model.

At the beginning of the forum post, Robert detailed the timeline of the addon. Although the original release date was supposed to be somewhere in late 2021 and early 2022, the developers are currently aiming to release the addon before the end of the year (Q4 2021).

All screenshots from the simulator are representing an alpha version of the aircraft which may not be the same as the final release version.

Rober explained, that he did not want to share any cockpit previews as developers are still working on it improving and adding some features so the user can really enjoy an immersive experience while flying.

I am eager to show you the flight deck, but we have a bit more work to wrap up before we do that… so don’t wander to far off!

PMDG’s Robert Randazzo on the cockpit previews

As of yet, there is no exact release date set for the addon. The same applies to the pricing details. It’s however very unlikely the developers will offer a discount for owners of the Prepar3D variant of the aircraft as many improvements were done to the new version, almost being a completely new addon.

At the end of the post, Robert teased the community by saying, that there will be more options to configure the aircraft than there were in the older 737 NGXu for Prepar3D.

We are also working through our “options” list and working to preserve the very rich list of optional items that you can have in your 737. We are also adding a few more (satellite antenna locations and that sort of thing) that reflect changes in the worldwide fleet since NGXu was released two years ago.

Rober Randazzo – PMDG Forums

For now, we can only eagerly wait for the next update in which we can expect new previews of the flight deck to be present in, or what do we know, maybe even a release date or pricing details revealed.

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