PMDG Shares Comparison Previews of the 737 NG3 and NGXU

PMDG’s Robert Randazzo has yesterday taken to the PMDG Forums to further address the development of the probably most awaited aircraft addon for Microsoft Flight Simulator, the PMDG 737 NG3.

The aircraft release had to be already delayed multiple times as the developers encountered various problems with the constantly evolving platform. As of today, although the developers are still fixing various problems, the release is still scheduled to happen before the end of the year.

All three side-by-side comparisons of the upcoming 737 NG3 for Microsoft Flight Simulator and the 737 NGXu for Prepar3D can be seen below.

As Robert explained, they do not have access to any modern coding/debugging tools that can be used with the new platform and so he has to code and test new features in Prepar3D and then copy his work to the Microsoft Flight Simulator. This is also where the previews come from.

Robert specified, that the developers are addressing various animation issues, lighting issues, and are re-texturing large swaths of the cockpit to bring the flight deck to the latest standards in the new market.

No new information was disclosed on the pricing or release date topics. Rober has though confirmed, that we should receive more information on the release timeline in the upcoming development update.

Author: George

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