PMDG Shares New Development Update [August 31 2021]

The PMDG’s CEO Robert Randazzo has shared a new development update last week. Comparing to the usual development updates by PMDG, this one is rather small.

The first thing Randazzo speaks about is the update for their DC-6 Series for all their main development platforms. The DC-6 got a small update, which changes only three things on each of the platforms DC-6 is available for.

PMDG Shares New Development Update [August 31 2021] - Microsoft Flight Simulator, PMDG, Prepar3D


  • 0010150: [Sounds] Seat belt / smoking chimes sound if airplane power is turned off (hvanrensburg)
  • 0010149: [Systems Behavior/Functionality] Pilot avatars are missing (cbpowell)
  • 0010148: [External Model – Lighting] Prop side reflection in direct sunlight is suboptimal (jbrown)
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Furthermore, the developer speaks about the Microsoft Flight Simulator’s recent Sim Update, which changed a lot of things in the simulator core. According to Randazzo, they were lucky to get the new Sim Update version 5 days before the release and making PMDG DC-6 compatible quite fast.

However, it changed a lot in the development of their 737 NG3 series, which has been slowed down by the update. They have moved all the development resources back to 737 by now, but the development process has slowed down a bit.

The developer also noted that the 737 is in a good direction at the moment, and we can expect the first official preview this month.

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The developer also mentioned the new 747 QOTSII update for Prepar3D. It has been stated in previous Development Update articles that this aircraft is going to get a new LNAV module, which is currently in the development stage. Randazzo said that this new LNAV module is in testing and a new beta version is going to be published for testers soon. The developer doesn’t know when we can expect this update to be released.

If you are interested in learning more about development updates from PMDG, you can check out our other article here.

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